Top 3 Pet Independent Distributors

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with being a pet store distributor. However, these responsibilities center on satisfying the demand of the customers uniquely. Some companies have, over the years, carved their niche in the market space as being pet store independent distributors. In their years in the market space, they have successfully built good distributor-retailer relationships by working out innovative means to keep getting high-quality products into the pet store.

Here is a compilation of the Top 6 pet store independent distributors that have an etched notch for themselves in the market space through excellence in service delivery

Equustock, LLC

Equustock is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of different products. Most of the products from this company are all pine. The products include Small animal litter, Poultry litter, bedding, absorbent for livestock and animals such as horses. Although this company also produces products for industrial, janitorial, automotive, and household use, our main focus will be on its special customer service regarding pets.

Lee Mar Pet Supplies

Another profiting pet store independent distributor is Lee Mar Pet Supplies, which provides pet supplies to retailers. It also distributes essential kits required for the care of pets all over the USA. One unique feature that endears customers is its free shipping on orders nationwide wholesale pet supply distributor dedicated to providing pet supplies and other needed $150+ delivered within the USA.

Pet Store USA

Just as the name implies, PetStoresUSA specializes in distributing pet supplies for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets (including hard-to-find pet supplies) in the USA. Having built longevity in business for over 40 years, this company provides exceptional delivery service to its customers upon placement of orders.

Honorable Mentions

Base 4 Ventures

BASE4 Ventures LLC has “high quality” and “innovation” inscribed as its watchword. With its broad list of retail partners, Base 4 Ventures have been delivering quality, pet accessories (consumer goods). Some of its products include pet toys, pet collars, leashes, and bowls.

Sandia Pet Products, Inc.

Sandia Pet Products is a pet supply store that directly interfaces with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. It runs first-class pet gift shops as well as vet clinics, pet supplies, and groomers. Its products are delivered in strong nylon webbing materials, which come in diverse solid colors or accompanying ribbons. With unique workmanship that allows customers to select a matching combination of products and satisfied customers, it has built its influence in the market space.

Napa Pet

Napa Pet, LLC. is a different kind of pet store because it deals with luxury pet items. It distributes supplies to retail pet brands based out of Nevada, New York City, and Las Vegas and has contributed positively to the supply chain by providing exceptional services to its customers.


Starting as a Pet store independent distributor requires being meticulous in the right areas. However, networking with these distributors would be a good idea if you wish to purchase only essential supplies for your pets. Won’t it?