Money Advice For Millennials

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

There are tons of financial advice out there, targeted especially at the millennials. WHY? Because the earlier you start, the better it always is for you. And when it comes to matters with high volatility and unpredictability like money, it is best to yield that financial advice.

Before I leak the most important secure financial future secrets to you, let’s do a quick rundown of some issues that makes early financial planning important.

  • The economic growth rate during millennial working career years (2010 – 2060) has reduced compare below half compared to previous years.
  • There is increased competition in the labor market as a result population increase. This has also given rise to the unemployment rate. 
  • There is a reduced need for manual labor. Tasks are now being automated.
  • Employers are reducing employee benefits to the possible minimum, in order to increase their profit and keep up with trending industry standard.
  • At least, 35% of families in the US spend more than what they earn, either because of poor financial planning or inadequate income.

Enough of the negativities! As a millennial, what can be done to avoid having to fall victim to the financial crisis, now and ever? Below is some advice:

Spend less than you make. It is as simple as it sounds. Cut down on buying lunch daily, prepare your lunchbox from home. Don’t do Starbucks. Don’t engage in activities that cost more than you can afford.

Save. Nobody wants to hear this, but it is vital. When you spend less on other things, you should save the rest. Keep a minimum of 3-months’ pay for an emergency. Get a savings plan. Every $100 you save per month will triple in 20 years at a 6% interest rate. No amount is too small nor too much to save.

Automate your savings. Don’t keep a physical saving box; you’ll be tempted to go there anytime. Use apps made by reliable financial institutes with good interest rates to automatically deduct your savings from your paycheck. This ensures that no month goes by without saving.

Avoid debt. Easy to say. Also, easy to do. If you have student loan debt to clear and you have a job, you have no reason to get any other loan. Find possible alternatives to avoid loans. Stay in your parent’s home if you must. Get a roommate if your preference supports.

Only use low-interest credit cards. Many make the mistake of getting credit cards without going through its term of service. Know the interest rate of the credit card you use. Get the one with the lowest possible interest rate. Credit cards kill if not properly accounted for.

Get adequate insurance. While saving is important, getting insurance is more assuring. Let the insurance company cover your health bills, home or property destruction bills, etc.

Invest early. Investments grow your money while you’re doing other things. Search for low-risk profitable ventures to invest part of your savings in. Approach financial experts for investment advice. Let your money start working for you as early as possible.

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