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Lee Mar Wholesale Pet Supplies started in the garage of Lee and Mary Jo Schultz in 1973. While a Marine at Camp Pendleton, Lee Schultz helped his wife, Mary Jo, deliver Angel fish to pet stores. Upon Lee’s retirement from the military, they worked together to distribute fish and a few pet supplies. Lee and Mary Jo sold their business in 1975 to Terry and Linda Boyd. Terry had moved to Southern California with Navy Supply Depot distribution expertise, a Stanford MBA, and a dream. As they developed new partnerships with several pet supplies manufacturers, Terry and Linda found the business growing rapidly. Within a short amount of time, they outgrew their facilities on the north side of Vista, CA, and moved to the current facility on Dogwood Way. Lee Mar Wholesale Pet Supplies was the first company in our region to purchase and utilize computers in pet supply distribution.

Fulfillment Center

Lee Mar Wholesale Pet Supplies is located in Northern San Diego County in the Vista Business Park. The campus consists of 2 adjacent buildings that have a combined footprint of 70,000 square feet. We have combined our many years of inventory management expertise with modern-day technology, giving us the ability to double our existing business and stay within our existing space. Orders are processed within 1-2 business days and tracking numbers are sent upon shipment.

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