How to Cultivate Brand Evangelists

In the pet business industry, there is a great difference between a brand evangelist and a happy customer.

A happy customer is one who is just satisfied with your services or products. It is true they may like your brand and will tell a friend to visit your business place if asked. However, that’s the only thing they’ll do.

On the other hand, brand evangelists are on a completely different level. They’re happy as well as ecstatic about their purchase. These types of customers are really delighted with your pet store that they’ll likely be proclaiming its virtues to anyone who’s willing to listen – they don’t even need to be asked.

That said, the fact is that it is much less difficult to gain 100 regular, happy customers compared to cultivating a group of just 10 brand evangelists. Regardless of that, evangelism marketing is absolutely worth the extra investment.

The aim of this post is to show you some basic strategies to help you kick-off evangelism marketing for your pet business.

How to Transform Happy Customers into Loyal Brand Evangelists

It is pretty amazing when theorizing and thinking about the prospects of evangelism marketing. However, before you begin to count your chickens, here is how to go about cultivating brand evangelists:

Engage Your Audience with Contests

In the pet business industry, there are some better ways to quickly gain popularity with your customers than running a contest.

The fact is that the human brain has been designed to love contests. A lot of brands and industries have used it in the past (and will continue to do so) with the aim of engaging and building rapport with their customers.

A large pet store recently used YouTube to run a contest which called for people to submit ideas on how to best house pets.

There are a lot of ways you can be creative when producing and promoting contests online; you only need to go with one that suits the location of your pet store.

Make a Great Effort to Interact

Recognition is another thing that really appeals to the nature of humans. Everyone loves being acknowledged as being noticed actually plays to our ego.

Recognizing your customers is a great way to get on the good side of your customer. You can offer to feature a few random customers on your blog, send a personal email to thank your loyal customer for transacting with your store, or even profiling them in your case study.

If you don’t really have much time, even a reply to a comment on Facebook or a simple retweet will be much appreciated.

Encourage Your Employees to Promote Evangelism

You may not know this but most times, your best brand evangelists could be your employees.

Motivate your workers to be enthusiastic and positive about your business when communicating with customers. When people are encouraged about their employer’s brand, they’ll naturally pass that excitement to any customer they interact with.