How to Differentiate Your Product

As a pet business owner, differentiating your brand is necessary to be able to offer your customers superior value at a good price. This will create a win-win scenario and can also help boost your business’s overall viability and profitability. There are various ways to differentiate but the most important ones include service, products, relationships, channel of distribution and image/reputation.

All these strategies are not equally effective so you may need to invest more in the most effective ones. Discussed below are the strategies and how to employ them.

Product Differentiation

As a pet business owner, this is basically the most visible. It is the aspect that includes perceived and physical differences. Product differentiation in the pet business industry may be in form of features, beauty, healthiness, immunity to certain illness, breed and variety. Quality is also vital because nobody really wants a sickly pet even if it is very cute and fluffy.

The main issue here is that differentiating your business based on products is usually short-lived. This is because duplicating product is very easy nowadays. Since pets are animals, your competitors could find a way to acquire rare breeds, healthy pets or whatever you’re offering that makes your brand unique. In the pet business industry, there’s not many patent and copyright protections.

Service Differentiation

This type of differentiation includes regular customer service and deliveries, as well as some supporting services such as training, ease of ordering, housing etc. Many people think this is a basic component of the pet business and it requires no sophistication.

You should try to differentiate your brand as a pet businessperson by offering services that are of great quality. Offer varieties on a constant basis.

Distribution Differentiation

An effective and good way to differentiate your business is through the channels of distribution. You can use distribution to provide availability or coverage, instant access to expertise, ease of ordering as well as higher levels of technical or customer service.

The pet industry is a little fragmented so it won’t be easy for customers to get what they want without proper distribution function. For instance, the pets have to be properly transported from the suppliers, shelter home, or dealers to your pet store.

Some distributors also offer certain additional benefits such as joint promotions, technical service, training and service support. It will be difficult for your competitors to pre-empt this kind of differentiation.

Relationship Differentiation

Company personnel are one of the means of differentiation that is often overlooked. Employees and your sales team in particular can demonstrate and provide competence, credibility, reliability, courtesy and responsiveness.

Your employees responsible for communicating with customers on a daily basis are the link between your pet products and customer. The business may be seriously damaged if the linkage breaks down.

The means of differentiation is much related to service but it however specifically focuses on the people. As a pet business, what customers really want to carry out transaction with is people, not the institution.

It takes time to build this kind of relationship but it’s really worth it as gives your business a highly differentiated position.