Focus on Your Costumers, Not the Competition

The athletes took their marks at the starting blocks, they were poised, ready to go in this exhilarating 100m race, the official shot the gun and they were off. While they were approaching the 50m mark the leader of the pack kept on looking back at his closest rival, he kept on looking, he focused so much on the competition gaining on him that he missed his footing and fell. He watched as that close rival won the race. Sad one indeed.

There is competition in every sphere of life, in education, sports, entertainment, ministry, business even in the family. Competition is inevitable whether healthy or unhealthy, it will always happen. However, one rule in any competition is never allow your opponent throw you off your game, oh yes it is possible to be so engrossed in the competition that you forget who you are, you forget what you have accomplished. That was what happened to the athlete poised to win the race. In life there are more important things to worry about than the people trying to hate on you or the competition. This is the same in business.

When it comes to business you will have competition. It’s like everyone now has a pet and as such the demand for pet products is at an all-time high. In essence most of your competition is doing the same thing that you are doing but focusing on them won’t do you any good. What is most important is your company, your product and your customers. It is most important to focus greatly on your product, sure everyone is doing the same thing but yours has to stand out, you have to set the bar in fact be the bar. Whether in quality, shape, size, features and benefits let your pet products shine above the rest. If it is possible for the pet to go choose your product, it has to be that good.

Why should you lose sleep over them when they work tirelessly to put you out of business? The pet industry is so competitive. Focusing on the competition will cost you a lot which could be detrimental to your company. It could cost you your customers, your identity and integrity. People will not value your products or your company instead of dwindling in the shallow water of the competition dwell on the customers.

How can you serve them better?

Think of new ways you can make them smile, ways you can satisfy the pet owners and even the pets. If you are into pet photography, let your photographs speak a thousand words, clients will see your tenacity and appreciate your work ethic. Gradually people will queue for a photoshoot and will pay any amount because you put the customers first. Imagine what this does to your image, it will be through the roof.

Conclusively, focusing on the competition will leave you wondering where you stand as a company, it will leave you clueless, void of strategies. Research on them but don’t let them be the focus of your business, mark your territory and dominate.