Use Focus Groups to Understand Your Customers’ Needs

What greater joy is there than manufacturing a product everyone will like? It will be absolutely splendid but it is not  easy. There are intricate steps for you to attain that level where your products become irresistible to any potential customer. One of these steps is narrowing down your target market, this is the first big brush stroke in creating the elaborate picture of success for your pet company. Narrowing down your target market entails your company identifying the people the products are for, where to sell these products and how to sell the products. Proper analysis of the market will help you plan adequately AND stay ahead of the competition.

There are different pets and pet owners that make up a particular market each with different needs. Pet owners are influenced by different socio-demographic elements such as income, education, location and other things which can affect sales of your product. Understanding the group that potential customers who are pet owners fall on will give you a scope and a blueprint to sell your products properly. You have to know what product or service applies to what pet.

One way experts advise business owners to narrow down their target market is by making observations and conducting focus group discussions. With this, pet companies can know what pet owners truly want to give their pets. These methods of research employ different strategies to deduce how to sell and market pet products. You could monitor the people that buy your product and identifying what group they fall under; some companies also conduct focus group discussions to get people’s take on their products. In this type of research, a moderator is in charge of the discussion with at least eight members of the public to talk about specific things about your product. Some companies employ the use of questionnaires to further investigate how people respond to their products. All these methods help to narrow down your target market, you get to know the age bracket, sex or educational background of pet owners that purchase your product and focus on them.

It is important to tabulate the findings you have got from the forms of research conducted, it will give you an overview of the potential customers and the ones who are not keen on your pet products. Comparing findings will help you distinguish which set of people have high proclivity for your product. You can then use the information from the results to reevaluate your marketing strategy. Questions like, ‘Are we to add more products or Are we to improve on the quality of your product?’ will be answered via these results. Also, your company will know what type of advertising technique to employ, if most of your customers use social media then it will be pointless to primarily advertise on television and radio. With all these in mind, tailor your product to suit the needs of your target market.

Identify the loopholes of other competitive brands and design a better product, think of new sizes, features and designs that will appeal to the people. Once you have firmly established your product in your target market, you can then begin to think of expanding your reach.