How to Approach a Retailer About Carrying Your Product

Pets have become a worldwide sensation in recent times, you see them everywhere dolled up and ready to go. We take them on Shopping sprees, travelling and almost everywhere we go, they are, to some, best buds. Consequently, the pet industry has evolved tremendously with new jobs and business ventures as a result of the craze for pets in the world today. As such a lot of products are being manufactured for the comfort of these adorable creatures, food, pet accessories, litter boxes, houses and other products. With the overwhelming number of pets and pet owners in the world it is impossible for these products to get to the consumers without the retailers. These retailers are responsible for making the pet products available in stores and supermarkets close to the pet owners for easy access and affordability. As a pet company you have identified the needs of the consumers but, how do you approach a retailer to make it available to the potential customers?

Firstly, you will need to know what type of retailer you want to help carry your product. The pet industry is filled with retailers, so your company needs to be careful when selecting a retailer. Make adequate research on the retailer you want, check the track record. It is important to identify the gaps where your product can fit in and also know what other products are in competition with yours. In approaching a retailer about carrying your product, you have to be able to provide credible information about your product; the benefits, features, packaging, price, discounts and other relevant data will help when approaching a retailer. The retailer will understand you are confident and know what you want to do.

After selecting the right retailer to carry your product, you have to prepare a solid presentation to blow the retailer away. Before the presentation, you should have gained positive feedback from your product. The social media is an easy way to get people talking about a new product, sharing, liking, commenting and following are the ways to go to get people pumped about your product. The retailer can then see whether your product creates the right buzz for him or her to carry the product.

Another way you can approach a retailer to carry your product is by patronizing local stores, this is where you persuade the owners of those stores you go to, show them the benefits of that new pet product, let them know the advantages and what your product can give to their stores. It is important to find distributors who have an existing relationship with the retailer of your choice, transactions will be much smoother when there is an existing bond in the circle. Let the local stores be flooded with your pet products before you go abroad, see how your product fails locally through the help of the retailers.

Finally, retailers will carry a pet product when they know the pet company has credible reputation; as such, build a solid reputation that no retailer can resist. They will want to partner with you and in turn the potential customers will be attracted to your company.