5 Things Retailers Want to Hear About New Products

Pitching your product idea to a retailer is one hell of a task, the retailers determine the success of the product you have worked so hard on. Whether it is dog accessories, food, homes and other products associated with the pet business, the retailer has a vital role to play in its success. Pet businesses are an ever growing venture, as more people are owning pets not only in Europe and America but other parts of the world, people have become accustomed to having little furry friends in the house. In essence, there is really nothing that these pet retailers haven’t heard about a product, the pros and cons; this can become a barrier when pitching your fancy pet product to the retailer. However, understanding what to say and how to say it will increase your chances in getting into the market. Retailers want to hear some certain things about your product, some of which will be explained.

There are a few things you need to do before pitching your product idea to the retailer; these things, if done properly will provide you with the right platform to sell your product to the already willing retailer.

Firstly, introduce yourself and your company briefly. You don’t need to give them a history of your company but you can provide them with a picture of your product. Secondly, ask for what you want from the retailer. Bear in mind you haven’t seen the buyer, so properly request for a meeting, appointment or permission to send samples. After you have been granted the appointment, you need to know the right words to say when presenting your product.

Here are 5 things retailers want to hear about new products:

Establish credibility by providing proof of your company’s sales history, recent press releases and distribution. Show the retailer what previous products you have developed and how it faired in the market, no retailer will want to buy a product or a company that has a poor history. Let them know what you have done or what your company has done. Retailers also love to hear figures, so give them statistics of previous products, the reach of those products in the market and other relevant information.

Secondly, explain the benefits and features of your product. There are numerous pet owners, and as such, pet retailers have heard and seen a lot of products. What they want to know is the benefits your product has, or better still, how much of an improvement your product is than the ones in the market currently. You could show videos and include other promotional techniques to help persuade the retailer. However, make sure your product lives up to the billing you have attached to it, the new pet accessory should stand out above the rest to have any chance of getting into the market.

A third thing retailers want to hear about your pet accessory is how it can increase sales and profit margin of the retailer. The buyer wants to know how your product can help them grow their retail business, they want your product to add to existing sales, not to compete with another product that they already have.

Fourth, retailers want to hear what benefits your product has for customers, how will the pet accessories attract customers will be the question on the retailers’ lips. How is your product going to improve the lifestyle of the customers and their pets? This is what the retailer looks out for.

Fifth, retailers are eager to know the technique you want to employ on selling the product, what promotional techniques are you willing to add when customers purchase your pet product. You could throw in a free accessory if they buy your dog food. This is a way to bring in retailers and also customers. In retrospect, your product should meet the needs of the buyers to survive the market.