Relationship Building And Selling

Most business fail quickly due to the fact that they are unable to build a positive relationship with customers .

Before a business thrives, there needs to be a balance between sales and relationship building. Especially in the pet business where an owner is required to meet with the customers to determine their wants for their pets. Unless a business owner is capable of overcoming the outdated styles of sales pitch and all, they may not make the breakthrough they desire in the pet business industry.

The pet business owner needs to have a new mentality about the sales market and identify the various means to build relationships with consumers even before a product is manufactured. This act will help in increasing sales return. The following are tips to consider when relationship building:


When you call a potential customer, start a conversation in an honest and friendly manner. Avoid doing a mini presentation of your company and product to the person. The best way is to have a series of opening phrases to start a conversation.

Try to ask the customer for the reason they opted for your product and possible possible problems they are having a which led them to selecting your products. Be careful to avoid pitching while replying to them. This will prove to them that you really want to solve their problems and not just to fill them on your pitch.


Don’t solely aim on getting the appointment or securing the sales. Simply focus on your conversation and the kind of problems you can help your potential clients or customers solve. Doing this will automatically skyrocket the sales of your business.

Also, as a pet business owner, the aim is to create a bond between your products and the consumers. To get this done, consumers must have certain degree of confidence in you. So, don’t ever jump the gun by pushing for sales. If you can do this, the consumers will be the one pushing to get your products.


Rejection does happen, but it does only for a reason; if you say something even out of ignorance which triggered a defensive reaction from potential customers.

As a pet business owner, you need to shift your focus from sales, which may trigger your sub-consciousness into saying things you shouldn’t.

Having this kind of mindset will make you feel relaxed while conversing. It will also build an aura of confidence around you which will make the potential client at ease with you. You can even ask about the various ways the pet owner thinks you may be of help in solving the problem at hand. This is a very good way to build relationship.


When you chase potential customers too much, they feel pressured by you and will not want to open up to you because they feel you are all about your sales.

To avoid this, try to include in your own words that you would like to avoid any kind of sales pressure like that of cat and mouse by stating and fixing appointments for meetings.

Also, never try to defend yourself or your products but ask about the key problems encountered while using your products and try to solve them without persuading them.

Let the potential customers feel that they are not being sold and everything is under their control.