5 Key Traits to Look For When Hiring a Salesperson

Every business needs the services of a sales person. A salesperson can decide the growth or fall of your business. So, you must be on a lookout to get the best salesperson for your business. A good salesperson is someone who can set and hit targets, fulfill goals, handle rejections without being aggressive.

Though every salesperson is unique, below are the major distinctive qualities that a salesperson must possess to manage business to success:


A good salesperson must be someone who can identify with a customer. The salesperson must be able to make customers feel respected and also know exactly what they want. This way, they will gain the customers trust.

Empathy is about understanding the customers from an objective standpoint. Don’t get it mixed up with sympathy which is a feeling of pity and loyalty towards a person. A salesperson with this trait will be able to relate pretty well with their customers because they can identify their wants and are willing to help quench it.


A good salesperson has a good sense of responsibility—they don’t blame others for mistakes and don’t break down over chaos. They are capable of getting things running even when hurdles arise.

Majorly, they should anticipate deadlines and have a sense of urgency to progress sales at a steady level. Also, they should be able to anticipate the possible consequences of their actions and always put in place a plan B incase plan A doesn’t go as planned. They should be open to criticism and suggestions that will structure them to be better.


A good salesperson who aims to attain success must possess self-discipline and focus. Being focused will make the salesperson set goals for themselves and strive diligently to achieve it as this in turn affects your pet business positively.

Merging focus, determination and empathy makes a great salesperson because they can identify with a customer sincerely and see their challenges as hurdles on their path to glory which they must overcome. This gives them the needed push to find a speedy means of turning the negative situation around while keeping their focus on providing solutions to the required demands.


This trait is very relative to the success of your pet business if your sales person has this quality. Being assertive is showing confidence over the product they want to sell to their customers.

They should not be too persuasive or pushy so that the consumer will not feel as if they are being pressured into opting for the wrong choice of product. They should be able to keep the balance between them and the consumer.


In the face of rejections in the sales world, which in turn influences the business world, most salesperson tends to resign out of frustration because they are unable to change the situation for better. But a good salesperson should learn from rejections and use it to an advantage when next they meet with the consumer because it can lead to their next big sales.

They should be able to persistently give potential consumers multiple chances to change their mind to patronize them.


A good salesperson should be someone with big ambitions. Their ambition should be greater than any kind of problem they face at the moment. With ambitions, they will always strive to overcome all hurdles on their path.

Their ambition will serve as the driving force behind their activities. A pet business owner will benefit immensely from this because the salesperson will take the work as their own and do it to the best of their abilities.


Above all, this is the most important trait you must look for while appointing a salesperson. Discipline cut across all other qualities because it takes discipline to work in line with their ambitions, keep their focus, be responsible, maintain persistence in rejections and maintain their confidence with the customers.

A good salesperson must be very disciplined because it’s the most needed quality that they must have.