5 Tips to Make Your Website Sell For You

Internet has been put to various use over the years. To some, it’s a medium of reaching out to a larger audiences and to others it is a source of information. As a pet business owner, your website elements and product page make users decide whether they’re buying from you or not.

The following are the various tips often ignored by website owners which serves as major factors for the customers to decide if they are buying your products. If these elements are in your website, then it can become a selling machine for you.


On your pet products pages, instead of listing out the features alone, try to include the benefits, and clearly highlight the differences between the various products in line with their prices.

To achieve this, you can employ the use of tables, charts or columns to discover the values that are on each product and spell out the differences between each of the products. Make use of colors to differentiate the premium products to the ordinary products. This helps customers to decide faster. Also, include honestly the number of a product that is left in your stock.


Social media can help you convey an authentic message to your consumers. It also empowers you to control your message and doing so will convince consumers to purchase your products because they will feel like they know you.

Most times, business owners invest heavily on celebrity endorsements however, you don’t have to take this route. Simply use real people in your area of testimonials with their images. Use the little story they want to share as testimony to your products and site. You can even ask them for star ratings of your products.


Giving options and choices are the most neglected elements on a product page. Though there is a display of various products with images but what about a close up on a particular product. There should be various choices to select from in a product. Maybe there is a product in various forms, display all the forms so the consumer can choose better.

A point to note is that, the product images on your site are all the consumer has to make a decision and if they cannot find things related to exactly what they want, they may not be convinced to buy from you.


While considering what to put up on your pet website, you should carefully consider and reconsider the features and details on each product. You should be ready to invest heavily on getting worthy feature-writing expert who will supply write-ups to each product.

Making consumers identify with the benefits in your products by giving them more than enough explanation will help to answer the important question on their mind which is: why should I buy this product?

If you are able to supply convincing answers to your products, then you will turn your site to a sales machine.


Due to irregularities and scams, most consumers are not willing to invest directly in your product unless you can convince them with samples to test run your products. This is a pet business, how will they test run my products?

Some consumers may not be willing to make a commitment of buying from you instantly. Therefore, you may organize a little competition or random pick the consumers. Then give them sample of the product as part of creating awareness for the product.