Connect with Your Ideal Customers on Instagram Doing These 5 Things

Though instagram is a social network site, there’s more to it than a mere piling of followers. Instagram is a platform that can make or hurt your business depending on how you put it to use. It is useful both to the newbie and experts.

The major key to success through Instagram is to build a community. Doing this is not easy, it requires time to build since you need to first build rapport by engaging people before talking about money.

Since you are a pet business owner, taking into consideration these 5 tips will help you take maximum advantage of Instagram:


If prioritizing your products and exploiting your followers are the basic things that cross your mind immediately on Instagram, then it may be difficult to find your ideal customers because no one cares about who you or your products are.

To create a good awareness and easy rapport as a pet business owner, try to offer value in the content you have posted.

Your content maybe entertaining, informational, educational, or funny. Make sure your content is in line with what you will market.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, your content stories should be constant and consistent, so your potential customers will look forward to checking it out at specific times.


Hashtags are simple words or phrases that make your content easily identified by people especially your ideal customers. Make use of specific industry targeted hashtags because it makes it much more easy for your ideal follower to identify you.

As a pet business owner, making use of specific hashtag will allow your customers to identify with your brand quickly.


This is meant for business with a physical location. By geographically tagging your posts, it makes things much more easy for your ideal customers to seek you out. When anyone clicks on a location in search of the kind of product and services rendered by you, they will be able to find you easily and as such proceed to your location.


It is  very important to make use of correct details about your name so it becomes very easy to identify who is who. Match your Twitter handle with your Instagram handle so that you are not mistaken for another person.

Even if your username had been taken, you can opt in to use underscore between words just to  a secure your unique username for easy identification.


This is the best way to create a rapport with your ideal customers on Instagram. Try to get to know your potential customers personally by having a chat with them on Instagram. Provide solutions to their problems concerning their pets, let them know about the latest trends in the market, discounts on your product based on patronage etc This will make them identify with you as not just a business owner, but it will create a bond between you and them.