Simple Steps to Create a Promotional Video

Today, all roads are leading towards video-based medium when it comes to content creation. Why? videos have shown to communicate better than texts. Then why is everyone not opting for videos?

Simple, it is considered partly true that videos are usually more time-consuming and more expensive to create and use than text-based content. Especially in this pet business where the competition is tight, most owners will not want to invest too much on creating promotional videos for their product.

Well, every problem is with an attempted solution. Below is how to produce a promo video with limited budget for your pet business.


The first step to producing a promotional video for your product is to get a script. To save money, you can develop the script by yourself or seek the help of your workers.

You need a video script that’s in line with your product and its audience. Make your script unique with a concept, short and simple.

To make your video unique, the script should include: Attention catching opening lines, make use of social proofs, show how simple your product use is and Include the benefits provided by your product.


Next up, you must figure out the perfect style of video that will suit your target market. For instance: if you are making a video for dog wear; you can make a demonstration on a puppy and how cute it is on it.

To achieve success in this, try to conduct a little research to figure out what your audience wants. Your research maybe on the leading products in the pet business industry. Discover few of them and enter their sites to scout for the landing page for their video-based contents. You can copy their script to guide you in developing your own style too.

As a pet business owner, you should try to seek ideas from the toppers in the industry so you can create promo videos just as good as theirs.


Getting a promo video done is not cheap; as stated earlier that it’s expensive. Most agencies charge thousands of dollars for a single video content for your business because it comes with precision and persuasive contents.

The best way to go about this is to minimize the risk involved by limiting to bare the capital or investment that goes into the promo video.

As a smart business owner, you should not go bankrupt over a promo video when you still have to invest in constant production of the product and payment of workers etc. Identify ways to produce the video for a minimal price which will keep you at the safe side in case things did not go as planned.


Keep the video short, simple and sweet. Most customers for the pet business have their personal work and career so, they try to create time out of their busy schedule to cater for their pets. The goal here is to consider them while creating a promo video for your pet products.

Studies showed that when it comes to online contents, people want the main gist, as soon as possible. These days, time is money and time is everything. Make the video content to communicate everything if possible within ten (10) minutes or less if your showing your customer how to do something but if it is a commercial keep it under a minute.