How to Market Your Product to Distributors

To create a product is one thing, to get you product to a consumer is another thing. For this to be achieved, then you must employ a good distributor who will make sure your products get to reach its target consumers.

Distributors are firms that deals with the purchase of products from manufacturers and sell them to consumers and retailers.

Being a pet business owner who invests heavily on satisfying consumers with new products will require you to meet with distributors. Though negotiations with distributors are difficult and heavily involve pricing. But with the following steps, you should be able to convince distributors to buy your products.


Every product is made for its target market. Though we have many pets but as a pet business owner, your products are addressed to some pets. Based on your target market and your ability to reach an equilibrium of the demands for your product with the supply. You should mark out who your target market is and let the distributor know your reason for targeting that particular market. Don’t target a whole nation when you can only afford to supply just a city.


Being a pet business owner, you need to limit the distributor that you operate with within your market.

Identify distributors that market products in line with the kind of products you want to project into limelight, because these distributors would have a perfect relationship with the retailers that may be willing to stock their stores with your products.

Mainly, avoid distributors who are already bound by a contract with your rivals. It will most likely lead to conflict of interest and turn into a bidding war. They will only be willing to market your products successfully if you are willing to meet their huge demands, if not, they will jeopardize your products for the existing ones.


When meeting with a distributor you want to sell your products to, you must be ready with a presentation that covers your research on the desire and interest of the consumers for your product.

Furthermore, try to include in your report your financial information to the distributor which will help to convince them that you have more than enough cash and resources to invest in the production of the product.


The success or failure of your meeting is heavily dependent on pricing. As a pet business owner who aims to create a solid relationship between the products and consumers, you must put your consumers into consideration while choosing the price and also the manufacturing costs.

Also, put into account the retail price of similar products. Price your products so that the distributor will generate a healthy profit by reselling them.


If the pricing is settled, clearly state your terms for the contract. It is advisable that you own the exclusive right to sell the product. Though most distributors will want to pay more to secure the exclusive right. However, if your aim is to expand beyond the limited level, you must own your exclusive right.


Have a documented contract on the final agreements. The contract should give both you and the distributor certain clauses and circumstances where you can terminate the product.

These steps are the main ways to sell your products to a distributor but irrespective of the approaches taken, first thing that must be put into place is that the product must be of great quality as this alone will contribute the main factor for a distributor’s acceptance to invest in buying your products.