What to Say When You Make a Mistake

Every human is vulnerable to committing mistakes unless you are perfect – which no one is or blessed with super-human powers, you would have committed mistakes especially while talking because of the spontaneity involved in it.

Though making mistake is bad but knowing how to rectify the mistake committed while talking does help in pacifying the situation.

Drawing an illustration with the pet business, chances are high that your customers would’ve forgotten your mistakes even when you still feel guilty for it if you don’t man up to the situation as at the time.

Below are some advice on how to say “I’m sorry”;


This sounds simple enough though, but after a big mistake in utterance, your natural instinct is to freeze.

But instead of becoming paralyzed with guilt, try to focus on channeling your energy into a quick response.

When you’ve committed a blunder, the first reaction should come from you. For instance, a pet business owner who out of anger spoke without courtesy to the customer should react as quick as possible by apologizing.


This requires fast thinking because the delivering of an apology in-person is spontaneous and shows genuineness. The tone when saying “I’m sorry” is also very important, that’s  why physicality is given preference more than virtual means.

Also, apologizing to someone in person helps make the offended feel important and wanted. So, as a pet business owner who needs more patronage from customers, whenever mistakes like this comes up, try to own up to your mistake by saying sorry immediately to the person.


Everyone commits spoken blunders so, don’t try to cover up yours with any means. Instead, be honest. Show honesty by admitting your mistakes and show sincerity in your words while seeking an apology.

You may say: “I’m really sorry for what I said, never meant to offend you”. Showing sincerity and honesty will create trust in you from the customers and will also help to boost your patronage.


Being humble should not portray you as being a very stupid or foolish person. Remember, it’s a mistake and no one is above it so, be calm and give a straightforward reply that communicates respect and concern for the offended. It should also show that you’ve realized your mistakes and possible consequences.

Being in a business like pet business where there is huge competition, you have no room for slanderous mistakes, so you’ve got to take advise in case it does happen.


Don’t let your mistakes derail you for too long. Show little faith that your apology has been accepted by smiling to the offended. This is important to move past what happened and get back on track.

Attempt to crack a joke to elevate the mood after the mistake. Make the customer smile or better still, laugh at your joke as this will hasten quick formatting of what happened so your relationship with them will not be sore.

Though mistakes do happen, but having a right approach on what to say and reactions to the awkwardness helps to keep the consequence at bay.