6 Ways to Make the Most out of Family Time When Work Keeps You Busy

Today, family time has become least attended to on priority lists. It is so because of the competitive nature of the world. Even the little ones are occupied with their own schedules.

In a business of serious competition, how does a pet business owner creates time for their family while trying to cement a place for their self in the crowded business.

Below are simple ideas that if implemented will help make the best out of family life.

Put Family Time at Top of your Priority List  

As stated earlier, it’s very easy to let go of family time due to over-scheduling appointments and the spontaneity of business issues. So, family time should be set as a reminder on your priority list. Instead of squeezing little time for it, make it a major project on its own. As such, more time will be devoted to it.

Don’t fix an appointment clashing with family time and remember to mark out family time in your diary. If all family members know the time specified, everyone will be available and spend time together.

Try fixing a fun period that everyone will look forward to e.g. Wednesday movie Night or Thursday game night.

Make Plans in Advance

While doing this, let everyone has a say or suggestion in what to do. You can even create a suggestion box where everyone gets to drop an idea of what to do in the next family time.

The same way you treat your work time preciously because it fetches you big bucks, is the same you treat family time because it will fetch you happiness and peace.

Get everyone involved, excited and interested about what you are about doing.

Spend Time with Everyone 

As a pet business owner, you get to anticipate various needs and wants of pet owners and their pets by spending times with them.

Try this too on your family members. Spend quality time with individuals and family as a whole. Know your family individually, things they like, hate, their personality and talk to them about it. Try surprising them with gifts of what they like and note little things about them.

These will improve your communication and relationship with them.

 Stay Focused on Family When 

The same way you make customers feel like a king when attending to them in your pet business store is the same way you treat your family as monarchs. When with them, you give them undivided attention.

When eating at the dining, don’t take calls. if you are on a night out, silent your phone and be there with them wholeheartedly. Don’t just be there in body, but be there with them in mind and soul. Get actively involved with them.

Create a Visible Calendar 

Carry everybody along with your schedules and weekly activities. A working visible family calendar is advisable here as it will help to carry everyone along.

If they know about busy days, they will be able to understand your reason for saying NO sometimes.

Make Lasting Memories with Your Family 

Having family memories is a great way to keep your family bond. Do crazy things like sky diving, mountain climbing, family summer holiday etc.

Also, you can start family traditions like Birthday night out, house decoration for Christmas etc. Your family members will start expecting this tradition and look forward to them.