4 Tips to Pull Yourself Out Of a Slump

Being a pet business owner, it maybe that you are passing through a phase where your business is going downhill because of certain things in the business at large. Remember, lingering over work is detrimental to your joy and career ambitions.

Sometimes you don’t feel like going to work on a particular day. Yeah, it does happen to everybody but when the feeling becomes constant, it maybe that you are in a slump.

Its diagnosed as hedonic adaptation by Tim Bono (a lecturer in psychological and brain sciences at Washington University in St. Louis). The feeling of getting used to things that were before a source of immense pleasure and joy with time. This is very possible in the pet business since you engage in the same routine almost every day.

These tips will help to pull you out of a work slump;


Could it be that there are issues with your staffs? Are you bored of your stagnation? These questions are important because you need to identify what your problems first. After figuring out your problem then, you set priorities right.

Try to place your priorities right. Use your most productive period to engage in trying out new ways to get yourself involved in your pet business unlike the normal routines.

Then let this statement be your drive: if you have just 60 days left to save your pet business, what are the things you will get busy doing? This will create a sense of urgency and minimize your procrastination.


Though being in a slump is depressing, but with a little self-boost, try to reflect on the things going well in your business and get good vibes from them.

Though due to adaptation level of individuals and self-expectations, your thought may be overshadowed by the things going bad. But, self-appreciation has been proven to be the best antidote for adaptation problem.

So, instead of ruminating over a bad day or getting killed by anxiety about what tomorrow may bring, try to remember the good memories of good times while doing this pet business.


It’s natural to get envious of your competitors who you always hear and read about, but it is unwell to start a comparison between yourself and them.

But identifying yourself with who you really are helps psychological health, productivity, and self-motivation which are the things needed to get out of a slump.

Don’t get yourself down by the life other people pose to live, you may actually be living better than them. Also, try to limit the time you spend on social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram etc. These are faster means of complementing your already depressed mood. Instead, try relaxing yourself by engaging in things that you love doing the most.


This is easier said than done. Most people are caught in a business or work slump because they lack that bit of motivation to convince them that they are capable of achieving excellence in their pet business and as such, they get depressed more and more. So, it becomes really cumbersome for them to take an action against the slump they are in.

So, as a pet business owner, take the smallest action you can take. Take it again and again. Within limited period, you will feel a little motivation. The more you try taking actions is the more you get motivated till you find delight again in doing the business you’ve always love doing.