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Get Noticed in the Community

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

You just got to a community? Draw attention to yourself. One of the things you can do to strengthen the image of your brand is to work on getting noticed. Your business won’t thrive if you are not getting your target audience to know you are around. There are a lot of things you can do to draw attention to yourself. Whichever way you choose, don’t copy, be innovative; bring something new on board. There are a million and one ideas; one should work for you.

Ways on how you can draw attention and get noticed will be supplied below.

Don’t copy your competition – Stand Out.

Copying your competition simply means your competition is better and more innovative than you. You can’t afford to ruin your chances that way. You have to advertise differently; reach your audience uniquely; and create a clear picture of what your brand stands for. You are coming as an alternative to your competition; come as a better one.

Create a challenge based on your business

This is one innovative way to get people to notice you in the community. Create a challenge or a competition that will lead to people patronizing or marketing your brand for you. One very popular way is the one on social media. Here, contestants have to get friends and everyone to like and comment on their description of a product or service; the persons will the highest number of likes and comments get the prizes. You can have a variant of this in your community.

Break a record (or simply attempt to)

Breaking a record means doing something that hasn’t been done before. You can do it. Create massive awareness about what you are embarking on and you will be surprised how curious people can be. It brings to mind the case of a restaurant that decided to bake the longest cookie in a community where everyone will get a bite. This is a record. Even if it is not the biggest in the world; it is drawing attention.

Do something for charity

Have a charity drive. Let people know that a certain percentage of the proceeds made within a window will be given to charity. People love to feel good about themselves; you giving them an opportunity benefits both you, the seller, and them, the good people. Find a cause that will resonate with people; like a popular children’s hospital or to a foundation against cancer etc. This move tells people you are not solely about profit.

Jump on a bandwagon

If a movement is popular and it resonates with your brand; don’t hesitate. Jump on it and sell your brand. There are a lot of popular movements gaining traction and they are golden opportunities for businesses to present themselves as supportive of right causes. Also bandwagon could be a style; a popular style. If the style can be incorporated, incorporate it into your business.

Make your business stand out with decoration

Aesthetics should be part of your brand strategy. Pay good attention to decoration; people are mostly drawn by what they see. Beauty has a pull towards fantasy; give people dreamland with your design. Get an innovative designer on your team to work with you on this.

Pay attention to tone and voice. Your brand messaging

How you advertise matters. What does your brand represent? It is a question that will affect the way you present your product. You don’t shout with elegance, you present it calm and cool. However, if you sell energy drinks, there has to be some liveliness in your advertisement.

Create a healthy balance of promotional and valuable content

On your website, you must provide valuable information. You must also promote your product. You have to learn how to synchronize both so that one will not overshadow the other. One way of doing this is creating valuable and helpful content and making it lead to where you will suggest your product or service as the best solution.

Host someone’s event

When you host an event, your brand name spreads to many more people. You may be spending money for this, see it as an investment in your brand image. Always ensure that when you host events, your name must not be in the background. Also, take note to host events that resonate with your brand.

Host your own event

Think up ideas for events. With this, you are drawing people to your business. For instance, if you own a sports shop, you can organize a sporting event where people in the community can come to have fun. As much as it appears to be your corporate social responsibility, it is also a publicity stunt for you.

Get reviewed

Either online or offline, get reviewed. Let others talk about you. It can be very beneficial to your brand when you are not the only one talking about yourself. Let it be the case that if they search for you; more than 2 entries are solely on you.

Get “stepping stone” referrals

Stepping stone referrals are the people who will bring other people to you. They are influencers who can draw people’s attention. These people are useful to your business as they will bring more people. Create a lasting relationship with them.

Be a newsmaker

Always have something that will catch people’s attention. Do something unexpected or weird sometimes. Always stay in the news. This is what celebrities do and they continue to remain relevant. Apply the methods given above as they can help you remain relevant.

Get behind a cause

Just like doing something for charity; let people know you support something they are passionate about. Have their insignia on your business centers and show yourself to be in support. If you support sustainability, don’t pump fumes into the atmosphere.

Make a video

Make a video – could be a documentary – talking about you and what you believe in as a brand. Have this video circulate and more people would be interested in patronizing you.

In conclusion, drawing attention to your brand is a smart way to get noticed. People don’t know you or what you stand for; let them know by constantly sending messages to them.

The Independent Pet Retailer Association is here for all of your pet industry needs. Hopefully you have found value within this article on the Get Noticed in the Community. We are interested in what you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below.

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