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About Allnat Innovations

Up To 80% Of Dogs Have Gum Disease And Only 20% Of Owners Know About It.
If one is not brushing their dog’s teeth on a daily basis, tartar and plaque will build up over time leading to bleeding gums, bad breath or even heart disease.

Just like with humans, pet dental disease is the most prevalent disease in the world. It causes undue pain, misery and expense, and it is almost completely preventable with good oral hygiene. The problem is that most dogs hate having their teeth brushed… So that is why we invented Treatbrush™ to help brush and clean your pets’ teeth, gums, and tongue with every chew!

Just insert the dogs favorite treat, and with each bite into our patented “Floss Slots”, the dog is one step closer to better oral hygiene.

Treatbrush is available in 2 sizes…
The red treatbrush if for puppies and small dogs under 25 Lbs and the blue is for larger dogs and more aggressive chewers.

They both come 8/box.
The Blue is $80/box
The Red is $72/box.

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