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About ShedMi

ShedMi – Pet Hair Vacuum Grooming Brush Attachment – Low Noise Pet Cleaning for Shedding Tool Kit (1.5 Meters) / (6 Meters)

  • Stainless tempered-iron – Durable, designed for stubborn undercoats. Safety edged, sturdy, and 100% rust free.
  • No wear, no tear, no problem! Our adaptable, resilient fully-adjustable hose was designed to naturally withstand missteps and squeezes — making fur removal quick and easy!
  • Choose the size that best fits your pup’s needs — whether 1.5 or 6 meters — to ensure distance when necessary for pets with sensitive ears
  • Our patented Vacuum End Hose Clamp is your one-size-fits-all solution to the deshedding problem. . Our ideal silicone funnel end design fits all household vacuums that range from 30-42 cm in diameter
  • Gentle and dynamic enough for all breeds of small animals such as Cats & Dogs, even Horses!

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