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About RestoraPet Products

RestoraPet is a breakthrough line of all natural, plant-based pet supplements that visibly improve quality of life across a pet’s lifespan.

The company’s formulations are the result of a decade of research conducted by the company’s founder, Brian Larsen, after his beloved Siberian Husky, Bandit, developed arthritis at the age of 8 and bone cancer a short time later. After seeing Bandit suffering, Brian vowed to develop products that would slow the progressive degeneration that occurs at a cellular level to all pets.

The company currently has two products on the market: RestoraPet and RestoraPet Hemp. Together, these products act as natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that are able to get inside the cell, accessing parts of the cell (like the energy factory of all cells, called the mitochondria), that other supplements simply can’t reach.

Owners of older pets will see a dramatic and visible increase in energy and flexibility, a decrease in pain and inflammation, tremendous improvements in skin and coat health, improved immune function, regulated appetite, and a calm sense of well-being. In younger pets, RestoraPet helps to maintain wellness.

RestoraPet products are non-GMO product made with all organic ingredients sourced from and manufactured in the USA to even more stringent standards than many human supplements, because we believe pets are members of our family and deserve only the very best.

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