Protect® For Pets

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Protect® For Pets

Probiotics are live microorganisms, or good bacteria, that live in our pet’s nose, mouth, skin and gastrointestinal tract. Probiotic supplements like Protect® For Pets help maintain a good balance of good (vs. bad) bacteria and go a long way in helping to keep our pets active and healthy.

Created by the leading manufacturer of probiotic blends for the pet food industry, Protect® For Pets Probiotic Supplement offers pet owners one of the widest probiotic profiles on the market today. While other manufacturers limit their blend to one or two probiotic organisms, Protect® For Pets superior formulation offers pet owners a range of benefits.

Unlike many probiotic pastes and pills that can be difficult to administer and even more difficult to get pets to swallow — Protect® For Pets simple, shake-on application and bowl-licking flavor make it easy to give pets all the healthy benefits of probiotics.

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