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About Pivotal Feeds:

Located in West Texas, Pivotal Feeds is an American-owned company committed to providing thoughtfully grown and produced feeds and supplements. We proudly manufacture all our products in the USA, adhering to rigorous quality controls and standards.

K-9 Rejuvenate+ is the latest addition to our pet line. This fast-acting formula can be used on all ages of dogs and puppies to assist in the care of vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive issues. Packed with viable, microencapsulated probiotics and digestive enzymes, K-9 Rejuvenate+ promotes digestive health and aids in the digestion, absorption, and utilization of vital nutrients. Specialized proteins fortify the immune system, promoting digestive wellness and making it ideal for all dogs, including performance and hunting dogs who may encounter more challenging environments.

Changes in diet, new environments, and illness can result in the digestive upset of dogs and puppies. K-9 Rejuvenate+ assists in restoring beneficial intestinal bacteria and quickly calms and soothes the digestive tract during times of stress and illness. K-9 Rejuvenate+ is the go-to choice for addressing “garbage gut” and ensuring your dog’s overall well-being by providing digestive and immune support to your canine companion when they need it most!

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