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PHYTO Animal Health

Thank you for your interest and support of our veterinary formulated, CBD hemp pet supplements and products. I first became an advocate for CBD when my best friend, Dante the Service Pit, and I began volunteering at a local VA housing program. Together we proudly support our fellow military veterans teaching anger management and meditation. Like many of the warriors we visit, Dante has pain in his knees and hip impacting his vitality and reducing his appetite. Dante is also a rescue from a kill shelter and as a result suffers from severe separation anxiety. We’ve seen several veterans benefit greatly from CBD so I went looking for answers for my beloved pit bull.

To help keep Dante in top shape I consulted with leading veterinarians to create our CBD hemp oil infused supplements. He loves them! Dante now has relief from joint pain in his hips & knees caused by inflammation, an increased appetite helping to maintain a healthy weight, and his anxiety has eased, all with the help of CBD. So guess what? We’ve made lots more and they’re now available for your fur baby too!

We strive everyday to be a zero-waste company creating ethically sourced products that use best farming practices to reduce our impact on the environment. When it comes to manufacturing we use every bit of the hemp plant — no waste. Our products come from the ground and return to the ground, reducing our global carbon footprint.

It is often said that necessity is the mother of all creation and the story about how our founder created our CBD and hemp based pet products is a perfect example of this. After trying several pharmaceutical options to help with anxiety & depression as well as joint and hip issues they found the side effects did not outweigh the benefits. After extensive research and consulting with leading veterinary clinicians and experts the CBD Cannabites pet chew was created. Millions of families throughout the States, and on
every continent, are looking for CBD and hemp based products for their pets. Many are tired of using products that are full of toxic non-edible ingredients that not only hurt their loved ones but also our planet. They want quality and safety tested products that are proven to work but also reduce the impact on our environment.

Thank you again for the love and support of our products. We live by our mission statement: Healthy Pets. Happy Planet.

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