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About Pet Republique

Brand: Pet Republique from Los Angeles, California (Est. 2016)
• Most innovative toothbrush & grooming brand; covering pets of all size & age
• Sold over 4 million of toothbrushes & grooming tools
• Generated more than $15 million in combined sales (Amazon, Chewy, Walmart…)
• Well established online presence with over 40,000+ positive consumer product reviews

Top Pick Product 1: 360-Degree Finger Toothbrush (3-Count Pack); UPC: 766871781997
“Easy-to-use toothbrush just got even more effective with improved bristle design.”
• Various Size Bristles; for Max Cleaning
• Soft, Food Grade Silicone
• 3 Toothbrushes & 1 Storage Case

Top Pick Product 2: XSmall Breed Toothbrush (3-Piece Kit); UPC: 731851564297
“The only toothbrush kit that is truly made for the cats and small dogs.”
• one 1/4” Pointed Turft for Valley Area
• one 1/4” Flat Turft for Detailing
• one 3/8” Small Brush for General Area

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