Juru Gut Support

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About Juru Industries

Juru Gut Support is a line of natural products that offer complete support for your dog’s digestive system.

Your dog’s body is designed to protect itself. We developed Juru to restore that ability. We help dogs live healthier and happier by strengthening their gut—where vibrant wellness has its source. Juru isn’t about rejecting conventional treatments or replacing pharmaceuticals. To be clear, modern medicine can save your dog’s life. But the unfortunate reality is that it can also leave their body drained—and vulnerable to the next infection that comes along. Our products are designed to get ahead of everyday issues before they become serious enough to require medical treatment. Juru does this by strengthening your dog’s most vital line of defense—a robust and biodiverse digestive system—with gentle herbs and Botanicals that are backed by science.

Think your dog adores you now? Just wait until you start promoting their digestive function and supporting their overall health with Juru. Because a healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy everything else. It’s as true for your pooch as it is for you. So don’t be surprised when a scoop or two of our powder boosts your bestie’s baseline in ways you might not expect from a digestive supplement. You know, like waggier tails. Sloppier kisses. More of those looks that say, “You’re my personal hero and the greatest human that has ever existed.” Stuff like that.

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