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About IntelliLeash Products, Inc

IntelliLeash Products is a brand featuring pet accessories, anchored by our highly successful Intelli-Stayk(TM) dog tie-out stake. Available in 4 variations, the unique and patented Surface-Lock(TM) has made this product a consumer favorite, carrying a 4.5 star rating and holding the Amazon Choice badge for 3 years running! In addition to being a dog lovers’ favorite, with MSRP’s ranging between $9.99 and $27.99, profits will make this YOUR favorite!

Our IntelliLeash Tie-Out Cables match the popularity of our Intelli-Stayks. Available in 18 sizes, our tie out cables are made from the highest quality materials and feature our plastic crimp cover molded in the image of our cute mascot. The IntelliLeash brand continues to grow and is not limited to tie-out products. IntelliLeash Products continues to expand into other product categories including training devices and more.

Rounding out our offerings is our value line… “Roscoe’s Pet Products”, featuring natural rubber and rope toys, as well as a line of more traditional tie-out stakes. IntelliLeash Products has just completed an upgrade to our retail packaging that is efficient while having excellent shelf appeal. We look forward to showing you how great they not only look on your store shelves, but more importantly how well they sell for you!

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