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About Happy Howl

  • 100% Human-Grade Ingredients
  • No fillers or Byproducts
  • No feed grade ingredients

https://truthaboutpetfood.com/what-is-the-difference-between-human-gradequalit y-and-pet-gradequality-pet-food-ingredients/

  • All Food Ingredients in Happy Howl Recipes Have Been Eaten by Dogs (and Humans) for Over 12,000 Years
  • All Food Ingredients in Happy Howl Recipes Come From 100% US Farms
  • Happy Howl is 100% Farmed, Sourced, Cooked & Distributed in the US
  • 100% Five Star Reviews on TrustPilot.
  • Shelf-Stable for TWO YEARS with ZERO PRESERVATIVES
    • Our cooking method cooks the ingredients with steam and pressure while the ingredients are already in the individual units so that zero nutritional value is lost in the cooking process. The true opposite of kibble extrusion.
  • Single Source Animal Protein in ALL recipes to aide in the digestion process – One Protein to breakdown at each meal allows for smoother digestion resulting in higher energy levels for dogs
  • We SUBSTITUTED BROTH for WATER. Zero corners cut. Every single box is packed to absolute maximum capacity level in terms of nutritional adequacy.
  • Happy Howl has grown to thousands of customers in under a year with ZERO marketing budget. Purina spends over $100 Million per year in advertising. Happy Howl has relied on organic word of mouth from customers, dog rescues, nutrition-first veterinarians and non-stop hard work.
  • 1/20 of our customers were told by their vets that their dogs only had only weeks or months to live before coming to us. Over 80% of those dogs are still with us and wagging their tails.

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