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About DigDefence Solutions, LLC

Dig Defence started in 2009 with their flagship product (animal barriers) to Keep Pets in and Keep Predators and Pests Out of fenced areas. After growing organically and working with some of the largest U.S. retailers with our barriers, Dig Defence decided to expand their product line into baked dog treats. In keeping with the same quality found in the barriers, we strived to create high quality dog treats…

Premium dog treats – Let your furry friends enjoy our delicious, gourmet baked dog treats. Dig Defence’s gourmet puppy treats are perfect for rewarding your pup with a delicious and nutritious snack.

High-quality doggie treats – Enjoy a variety of tasty dog food treats from Dig Defence. Baked in small batches for a crispy texture, the unique flavor combinations are blueberry and banana, pumpkin and green peas, carrot and peanut butter, sweet potato and apple, AND honey and ginger.

Fit for your pets’ needs – Dig Defence sources ingredients organically. Each tasty dog treat is healthy and made with no artificial flavors, preservatives, fillers, or colors. These can be dog treats for large dogs, medium dogs, and even smaller breeds.

Keep more treats for longer – If stored correctly, these premium dog treats can last up to 18 months. These puppy-training treats are made in Mexico in a human-grade facility.

Treats for every dog – Available in different sizes and flavorful varieties, we have healthy dog snacks for every dog, from small breeds to large, so you can find the perfect dog training treat for your pup. Know that you’re giving your pup the best when you buy Dig Defence. You know us for protecting your pets, now let us treat them.

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