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About Canna Companion

Introducing Canna Companion CBD Capsules and Oils, specially formulated for your beloved dogs and cats. Crafted in the verdant landscapes of Washington state since 2014, our products are meticulously curated using only the finest organic ingredients.

Developed by seasoned veterinarians with over two decades of dedicated research in CBD therapy for pets, Canna Companion understands that optimal pet wellness encompasses more than just CBD. That’s why our formulations harness a symphony of cannabis compounds, including CBD, THC, and CBG, alongside natural plant-based terpenes. These terpenes, the aromatic compounds found in plants, work synergistically to enhance the efficacy of our products.

Tailored to address specific needs, our capsule range offers two formulations sold in 1 & 2 mo supplies.

  • Joint Support focuses on the balance between all compounds and features moderate levels of CBD and CBG plus terpenes like caryophyllene and pinene that help soothe irritated tendons and ligaments.
  • Neurological Support boasts higher amounts of CBD and CBG, plus a variety of other compounds like humulene and linalool, designed to ease neurological stress and boost emotional health.
  • Capsule formulations are available in 5 sizes: cat, small dog, medium dog, large dog & extra large dog, each in 1 and 2 month supplies.

Our Whole Plant Hemp Oil formulations were developed after more than decade of monitoring how cats vs dogs and even small/medium vs large/extra large dogs respond to cannabis compounds. (Bottles last a minimum of 2 months.)

  • Cats need balance and liver-friendly compounds, thus our CBD oil for cats offers balanced CBD, THC & CBG contents plus terpenes like bisabolol and geraniol to comfort frayed nerves and improve mobility. (15 ml bottle)
  • Dogs <40 lb tend to need balance in heavy hitting compounds like CBD and THC, but prefer higher amounts of CBG and calming terpenes like humulene and myrcene, relaxing hyper nervous systems and soothing irritated tissues. (30 ml bottle)
  • Larger dogs require higher levels of CBD and CBG, as well as hard-working calming terpenes like gamma-terpinene and linalool, to help them get around easier and have happier nervous systems. (90 ml bottle)

We prioritize sustainability and responsibility, reflected in our 100% recyclable glass packaging. As a woman-owned and operated company, we are committed to empowering both pets and their owners with the highest quality products. Furthermore, our manufacturing facility is NASC Sealed, ensuring that our products adhere to stringent standards exceeding FDA cGMP requirements.

Choose Canna Companion for a holistic approach to pet wellness, where nature’s bounty meets scientific expertise. Join us in helping your pets live their fullest lives, one capsule or drop at a time.

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