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 Duke’s Crown to be a Featured Product with the Independent Pet Retailer Association

Duke’s Crown announces nationwide distribution agreement with Mr. Checkout of their genuine fruiting-body medicinal mushroom extracts for people as well as dogs.

Duke’s Crown is a producer of extracted medicinal mushroom supplements for both people and dogs. The Apex 3 and Prime 3 encapsulated products have a unique formulation of three of the mushroom kingdom’s most potent ingredients – chaga, cordyceps, and lion’s mane mushrooms. This synergistic combination provides essential support for immunity, cognition, and energy. 

With continued scientific validation of medicinal mushrooms, their consumption is steadily on the rise. Duke’s Crown is a brand founded on the realization of this inherent power of medicinal mushrooms, and the sorely lacking purity and potency of the available products on the market today. While all edible mushrooms have some unique benefits, there are a few elite superstars in the kingdom of fungi that deserve special recognition. Both the Apex 3 and Prime 3 products contain 100 percent organic, fully fruited and sustainably grown lion’s mane and cordyceps mushroom extracts. In addition, the mix is complemented by wildcrafted chaga sclerotium, which cannot be cultivated, as it is only viable in nature growing on live birch trees. Sustainable and ethical harvesting of this mushroom does not harm the tree, and even the mushroom will recover and continue to thrive after it is collected. Known as the “king of mushrooms”, the chaga in the Duke’s Crown mix is dual extracted, meaning that the valuable compounds are drawn out in both water and alcohol. This process maximizes the bioavailability of the hidden medicinal components. In comparison, simple dried mushroom powder provides very little benefit versus an extracted version. The Duke’s Crown synergistic formula provides nutritional support for the immune system, cognition and energy. This blend addresses a broad spectrum of issues without the dilution of adding too many components, and has absolutely no fillers or by-products. The company promises and delivers a potent, powerful and pure product which will now be available nationwide through the distribution network of Mr. Checkout.

The increased use of medicinal mushrooms has not only garnered the attention of savvy consumers, but also attracted a plethora of manufacturers as well. Unfortunately, the field is dominated by mycelium-on-grain products, which lack the purity and potency of genuine mushroom extracts. In fact, the FDA considers mycelium so different that it has issued guidance on not labeling such products as “mushrooms”, but that has not stopped most manufacturers from using the words mycelium and mushroom interchangeably. Even properly labeled mycelium products often use pictures of the true mushroom type, increasing the confusion as to what is really contained in a particular product.

In 2017, a highly focused study by non-profit US Pharmacopeia, using the latest in high tech laboratory testing equipment, found that 15 of their 19 samples of Reishi supplements did not contain the actual Reishi mushroom. Most of the failed samples had a very high starch content, indicating the presence of grain typically used in mycelium cultivation. The substrate component is dried, powdered and included in the final product along with the mycelium, thus comprising a highly diluted and often mislabeled “mushroom product”. And while mycelium is the vegetative or root structure of mushrooms, according to the FDA, mycelium products are not equivalent to mushrooms and should not be labeled as such.

Mushrooms have long been regarded as the “original superfood” with documented history of their use going back thousands of years. From TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to the pharaohs of Egypt, the power of fungi has been harnessed by ancient civilizations and traditional healers alike. Today, modern science is proving the ancient beliefs in the potency of mushrooms, and we are pushing farther than ever before in the discovery of new medicines from fungi. Duke’s Crown is at the forefront of preserving this long tradition by widening its reach with a natural product based on the belief that functional foods and pure supplements derived from them are the best way to maintain homeostasis – a natural balance essential to well our being.

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