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Creating the Best Workplace Environment

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Your employees are as important as your company; they work to actualize the vision you have. Your company is a team and you are just the captain. The output of the company, in terms of products, services, customer care, and others are most times a reflection of the situation with your team. The satisfaction and happiness of your team members with their jobs can go a long way in determining your company’s growth.

In this article, we shall discuss how the best workplace environment can be created.

Learn to hire and retain new employees. Companies, both big and small, spend a lot of time and resources in hiring. This is because getting the best brains and hands for the job may be quite difficult. After investing a lot in getting these new team members, you can’t afford to lose them. Employment is a contract where both parties – employee and employer – get to discuss their goals, expectations, benefits, and others. The employer must respect these.

Offer employee benefits and give value back to your team. Your employees matter. The success of a giant company like Google cannot be disassociated from the way it values its employees. The employee perks and benefits go a long way in motivating people to do more. You should take a survey of what your employees would like to have as motivation – to some companies, there may be more in favor of weekend parties and more days off the job, to some other companies, it could be a raise.

Don’t just work off of averages. determine what is best for your employees in your industry, in terms of pay, workers’ benefits, and so on. Your employees deserve the best. They are as important as the product you are selling and as such, you have to meet standard. Look around your industry, what are the benefits being given? How much are the colleagues of your employees getting paid outside? How flexible is the standard working schedule? These questions need to be objectively answered.

Research workplace ethics – they can save you a lot of trouble. The rules referred to as workplace ethics are there for a reason: they regulate behaviors and interactions at work. The impression you create to customers and clients will reflect an adherence to workplace ethics or not. You can attract more clients or customers or lose more.

Don’t be afraid to fire. You have the power of hire and fire. If an employee is dragging the company behind or constantly causing problems and you have tried to see how you can help, but the situation persists, you can fire such employee. Your major motive is to save your company and when an employee is standing in the way of results, he or she is not indispensable. The employee may file claims but if you had the right reasons to fire, you are saving your company from a lot of future problems.

Your office has to be a warm and livable place. It must be comfortable and built to standard. Your break-rooms, kitchenette, and other places must be brought up to style. You must also offer coffee, snacks, and some edibles – if possible, free lunch. Does the smell of the office inspire you? Incorporate positive smells, utensils, plates, and so on.

Communication is key. There must be smooth communication between you and your team members. Try to keep an open door policy which will allow easy approach to you. Have informal meetings where everyone can contribute without formality. As much as possible, incorporate this into the office culture. The opinion of every employee matters.

Have a layer of transparency within your office. Transparency makes for accountability. Let your employees see the reality and situation for what they are. Being shady or covert may give room for suspicions which can make you lose your employees’ trust.

Treat each other as humans, not office drones. As much as the workplace should be formal and task must be done, humans do the job. Humans are social beings and our best is given where we feel comfortable. There should be socialness among team members and employees should not be overworked. There is a place of rest and recreation.

Magnify strengths. Downplay weaknesses. Every human has strengths and weaknesses. You should always commend good work and do less fault finding. Celebrate hard work and excellence. You will be surprised how people get motivated to do more after being celebrated.

Show how the daily work contributes and how they are adding value to the company. Every member of a team wants to know that they are contributing to the success of that team. You have to make it an office culture to commend the daily work and let the employees know that everything they do adds to the company.

Have office rules that your employees can believe in. Some office rules are not feasible. You should be practical in the making of such rules. If they aren’t practicable, it will be difficult to follow them.

Be flexible and give your employees options. You cannot always decide for your employees, they need to make decisions on issues that affect them.

Offer development opportunities to your employees. If the company can, sponsor trainings, courses, certifications, and others to help develop your employees. Whatever they learn is ultimately beneficial to you and them.

Build trust. Just like every other human relationship, trust matters. This will create an atmosphere of confidence and feeling of obligation from both parties.

You have to create a positive workplace culture. An atmosphere of negativity hardly produces anything except more negativity. You have to make it an office to always be realistic and optimistic at the same time. Optimism can sprout ideas at the last minute.

Conclusively, the success of many successful giant corporations cannot be divorced from the contribution of their employees. They are your team: you’ve got to always get them to give their best.

The Independent Pet Retailer Association is here for all of your pet industry needs. Hopefully you have found value within this article on the Creating the Best Workplace Environment. We are interested in what you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below.

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