5 Career Paths Perfect For Introverts

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Introverts are known to be mostly quiet. They prefer alone time rather than having people or distractions around them. They spend more time thinking and doing creative stuff. If you like to think carefully before you utter a word in public, you’re most likely introverted

Before now, there was unemployability pressure on introverted individuals, as employers preferred to hire the extroverted counterpart because they assumed introverts are dull. Nowadays, it is no longer so. Employers have discovered that introverted people have special skills that they harness best when in solitude, and when they are required to talk, they can talk or be taught (may be a little rusty at the beginning but gets better with practice).

There are a lot of career paths that introverts can choose from and channel their energy to make the most of them. 

Let’s look at 5 popular career paths that are perfect and dominated by introverted individuals:


This is undeniably one of the largest fields of operations in the world today. Ubiquitous computing has made it necessary for more hands to join in better shaping the computing world. Computers have now replaced the traditional ways of doing things such as data entry and keeping records. You no longer have to meet a person to talk to such – you can hide your shyness, if any, under the umbrella of social media communication. The field of IT is a large one, having a presence in every organization. As an introvert, you can choose to become a security analyst, software developer, computer architect, database administrator, data analyst, etc. – all of which require less amount of noise and distractions.

Creative writing

Before now, many introverts expressed themselves in their writings. They are known to write the best-selling novels, the most intriguing and thought-provoking articles, guides and manuals, etc. This career path is still valid today with more people in the writing profession. As an introvert, you can channel your energy alongside the solitude you enjoy, to engage in critical thinking and produce a write-up that can wow the addressed audience.

Media creation and editing

Another career path in which you can thrive is media creation and editing. This includes photography, video editing, music editing, cartooning and animation, etc. The jobs in the path require less amount of communication with people. You do most of your communication with your mind, camera and computer.

The legal profession

Lawyers are mostly taught to be talkers. But, many people in the law profession are introverts. In fact, learned attorneys restrain themselves from unnecessary communication because they value sanity. They spend most of their time reading, researching, writing or preparing for a case. The legal profession also includes paralegals. As a paralegal, you do more on researching and writing, making sure they don’t miss the slightest detail. 

Outdoor work

Remember that introverts like to stay lost in thought while they do what they do. There are many outdoor jobs that give introverts the solitude they so desire. This includes carpentry, heavy equipment mechanic, plumbing, botany, forestry, landscaping, among others. 

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