5 Apps You Should Know About as a Business Owner

When running a pet business, you’ll often be pulled in various directions all at a single time. You are not only in charge of many of the daily operations; you may need to also handle employee issues, payroll and some other things that pop up.

You don’t need to panic if they are a lot of things demanding your time and you feel overwhelmed. There are hundreds of apps that can help you manage your time better so as to become more productive. You’ll be able to better monitor the expenses of your pet business as well as delegate various tasks to employees.

As a pet business owner, your business activities as well as your personal preferences will determine the most suitable apps for you. However, as you don’t have the luxury of time to be personally searching for various apps from an endless list, we have selected a few great ones for you which you can get started with.

App for General Productivity: Evernote

You can use Evernote to clip pieces and bits of information from the internet, tag them for quick searching, as well as edit anything you want by condensing it, adding to it, or embedding tables, pictures, video, audio, etc.

Evernote can also be used for creating organic notes and journaling, contacts, recipes, to-do lists, and even store emails or tweets you wish to keep close by.

All of the features mentioned about are available in the free basic version. There is a business version of Evernote that costs $12/month which includes many additional features such as unlimited space and administrator controls.

App for Time Tracking: Eternity Time Log

As a pet business owner, productivity entails more than just your work life. The Eternity Time Log app helps you recognize that as it first breaks your day down into 3 broad parts: Work, sleep and play. Within these groups, you can also further track your time properly using different tags and labels.

Another advantage is that you can run multiple timers at a single time.

App for Project Management: Asana

This app is really great and it is perfect for those that love checklists.

You can easily prioritize projects or “tasks” with the aid of app’s flexible interface as well a dashboard that visually charts your progress.

You can also integrate the app with many other services which include Evernote, WorkPress, Google Drive, Box, ZenDesk, MailChimp, and Slack.

Also, for up to 15 users, Astana’s basic version is free. This should be enough for your small business.

The premium version is from $9.99/month.

App for Team Communication: Slack

Slack can be used for quick questions and answers. There are a lot of apps that can be used for that but Slack allows users to easily search and filter and this makes it quick for you to locate whatever you need.

Channels can be created for any conversation theme; particular clients or projects.

Slack also allows easy notifications customizations, which will help you filter out unnecessary noise while staying in the loop.

App for Customer Relationship Management: Streak

If you use Gmail or Google Apps, Streak serves a CRM which integrates with both. Rather than organize your customers by contact, Streak will allow you keep track and monitor where you are in terms of business relationship.

For up to 5 users, the basic service of Streak is free. The more sophisticated plans are priced at $50-$99/month a user.