5 Apps to Increase Your Business’ Efficiency

As a business person, we all want to maximize our productivity to make our business more efficient. Technology has made it easier for you as a pet business owner to stay productive with the help of certain apps. Here are some of the benefits of these apps:

  • They will save you a lot of time and help eliminate the extra steps required by similar tasks you do every day.
  • They can be used on multiple platforms and this gives you the chance to synchronize your apps together easily.
  • They should help improve your life in some ways and make it easier for you to manage.

Now, here are 5 free apps than can help you increase the efficiency of your pet business:


RescueTime is one of my favorite apps that happens to be free, but also has a paid option. I highly recommend this, so you can sign up for free and track how you spend your time.

Each week you will receive a report of how you spend your time via the internet – which sites you browse, how frequently and for how long?

You can also set personal productivity goals, and RescueTime will track it for you. You can see your progress in your dashboard, in your weekly report or the goals report section. The premium plan ($9 a month or $72 a year) gives you the option to block certain website if you want to get something done. RescueTime is available for Mac, PC, Android and Linux. You can sign up here for free.


Any.do is the on-the-go to do list. It’s perfect for keeping up with your busy schedule and knowing what you need to do, whether it is today, tomorrow or an upcoming event. It also lets me put the tasks, reminders and things that I need to do in one location, which lets me focus on the bigger tasks throughout my day. It’s great for list-making and managing your tasks.

Any.do has a unique feature called the Any.do moment that encourages making a habit of reviewing your daily tasks, which is why it is one of my favorites.

Any.do is available for your Android, iPhone, Chrome and Web. You can also click here to sign up.


Focusbooster focuses on the Pomodoro Technique (which alternates 25-minute long working blocks with short breaks) in order to maintain sustainable, long-term productivity.

The Pomodoro Technique® is a simple way to boost your productivity when performing mind-consuming tasks. It helps you keep yourself focused while reducing mental exhaustion. While there are plenty of different Pomodoro timers out there, one of my favorites is the Focusbooster App. The reason being is it is free, has a very clean and simple to understand user interface, and it works.

Focusbooster is available for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows.


There are great articles on the Internet and that can be both a good and bad thing for our productivity. To still be productive, and not have to read the news articles, posts as soon as they are live, try Instapaper. Instapaper allows you to save them to your account, and then read them at a time convenient for you.


Quip allows you to edit and discuss in one place. This means you have both messages and documents together which allow you to work faster and be more productive. What I personally like about Quip is that the interface is almost identical across the mobile and desktop application, making the workflow and use of the app quite easy.